by Cox&Vox

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released February 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Cox&Vox Pilsen, Czech Republic

Rock’n’roll band of four brothers, that got together under senseless circumstances with one shared passion.

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Track Name: Acid Dreaming (feat. Jakub Smucr)
Runnin', Hidin', Fallin'.
Till my mind stops moving.
Wake up! And what's wrong?

Gaspin', Trippin', Fightin'.
Like time is worth nothing.
Wake up! And pass out.

Now when your world is split and gone.
Free yourself and fly on.

Midnight ain't fun no more, it's true.
Just grab my hand and help me through the door.
Just grab my hand now!

Feel your body, Hold your breath.
Listen to your eyes and be ready for death.
Track Name: Phantasm
Hear the children voices...
From the time...
When life was real..

When life was real.
Long time ago.
We could hear children's scream.
Day was a show.
You think you know how freedom tastes.
Which is drawn on the cyber wall.
One day there’ll be a reason.
Followed by the fall.

People live in lies.
Hidden in their own lifes.
They still want more and more.
Locked by the social door.
The prize is oversized.
You are being hypnotized.
So many friends you’ve got.
Are they all real or not?

The stranger knows you more than your friends.
You have become a net whore.
And there it ends.
You’re running out of time.
So what you’ll do?
Stay all day online or will you go find the truth?

Wake up!
You can get rid of this locked cover.
Wake up!
Go outside, there’re things that you can discover.
Wake up!
Forsake your scarecrows, it will make you feel better.
Wake up!
Don’t let your dreams fall on the pillory of needs.
Track Name: On Fire
If you know me, then you know how it feels.
When you do something real in your life.
If you need me, look inside your mind.
And there scream realy high my name.
Say it loud and clear that you love me still.
I can give you that what about you’re dreamed.

Now it’s real and hey you love it.
That fire in your veins is what you've always wanted .
Hold your breath and yeah you got it.
I know that you realy fuckin love it a lot.

If you have me, then you know what to do.
I‘ll always be with you in your life.
You will rise like the sun and then you have become the man
Who can show it to the world.
Track Name: Piece of Cake
When I was young, I listened to everything.
There were melodies, that covered my heart.
I was alone.
And no one hears the same.
About that in my age I didn't care.

Now I am trying everything.
But I can’t hear any of these songs.
I am trying everything.
But the world fell and the music died as well.

So you think that music is a piece of cake.
When you steal the rhythm from another man.
Just think a little about what shit you've just done.
Put some shitty beat in and naked women, damn!

Turn your sense on.
I may forgive you.
Come closer.

Now you're smiling and I know that you like it.
You feel something new and you cannot stop it.
Another day, problems go away.
Double R letter makes you feel better.
Now you're smiling and I know that you like it.
You feel something new and you cannot stop it.
Another day, problems go away

You can be anywhere and do anything you want.
World of god’s music is open for everyone.
Fuck feats, fuck mix, fuck the other shitty shits.
Just listen to your heart and open you mind to this and open your head to this.
Track Name: Gimme Wings
Can I fly, give me a wings.
Can I play, give me a strings.
Can I sing to you, you could be my muse.
For today.

Do you want me to love you, love me too.
Do you want me to kiss you, please kiss me too.
If you‘re afraid just give me your hand.
And let’s make a plan.

Time is the only thing that’s fair .
You can’t outrun it or hide away.
You can‘t be more beautiful than now.
So try and live your own life now.
Not tomorow but right now.
Do whatever you want, whatever you want.
Just try it.

I think you're wasting time, pump up your life.
Are you afraid, you better hide.
Is your mind blind, then you have to wake up.
Don’t fuck it up.

'Cause we want a rock'n'roll yeah.
'Cause we want a rock'n'roll yeah.
'Cause we want a rock'n'roll yeah.
Track Name: Louder
It’s bright on the horizon.
This day was made to race.
Just sit tight and step on it.

Music is loud.
I can’t hear anything.
All what I truly need.
Is an angry beat.

Everything grows on speed.
Music is what I need.
Moment and I‘m here.
My mind is whitely clear.

It’s just a second gone.
Don’t know what’s going on.
I don’t know where I drive.
Dead or alive.

It‘s real or just a dream?
Life that’s what I mean.
Play loud.
God said to me.
I’m back .
Rock is now a part of me.

Louder, louder.
Coming in hot, it is inevitable.
Louder, louder.
Rise and shine, turn water to wine.
Track Name: Hardway
My mind mingles with dreams and reality.
I choose only what I like the most.
My dreams and hopes.
Mutated to the rocknroll.
Maybe that’s what I want.
But reality offers me daily life.
And a rutine, which I hate the most.

We’ve picked a hard way which we love.
Without it we’re gonna slowly die.
I’d rather die for my dreams.
Than for your needs.

I believe that all my dreams.
Will one day become real.
That‘s what I want.
That‘s what you want.
Everyone, wants the same.
The one who reconsiles with is shallow life.
Is sentenced to death.
That’s why I can't wait.
For my dream and love.
Track Name: Thought Inside
Through the night I couldn’t sleep.
Through the tears that I couldn’t keep.
I still can’t find myself.

I think I know what I need.
But my own fear pulls me into deep.
Let’s fool the truth with lies.

I can’t believe that this is me.
Feel like a sailor floating through an empty sea.
What do I want and what will be.
Life is a question, the answer is deep inside of you.

I fought with dread inside my head.
What has been sealed, now it's revealed.
What I need, that what I need is love.

I was betrayed by her so many times.
I have to find my way to realize.
What I wanted and what I wanna tonight.

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